The 5 Step Cleaning Process

1) We pre-treat the carpet with our poweful Organic solution; 12 times stronger then its leading counter parts. It's designed to encapsolate and isolate the dirt in your carpet. Just how safe is our amazing cleaner? You can read all about it on the online MSDS sheet HERE

2) We treat the stuborn stains with 1 of 5 different and specific stain treatment solutions. This gives us a targeted aproach to the individual stains we see in each home or office we visit.

3) We pre-scrub your carpet using a low speed scrubbing machine. Like using a spunge on your dishes, it provides adgitation to the carpet and helps to release more dirt then any other process used by any other carpet cleaning company.

4) Next, we use steam extraction with 230 Degree heat. The steam kills any living organisms and bacteria and adds to the encapsulation and removal of dirt in the extraction process. We use powerfull truck mounted machines capable of even the toughest jobs. With up to 1250psi of steam power.

5) We retrace our path with the extraction machine to remove as much as 50% more water to give you a low dry time of 2 hours or less.