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Do your air ducts need to be cleaned?

Here are our top five reasons why your ducts need to be cleaned.

1.) Allergies- Every time you turn your system on, its not just air that is being sucked in and circulated. Dust, dirt, allergens, and even mold are drawn in as well. All of these things are what make you miserable, especially during allergy season.
2.) Your Health- Poor air quality can be the cause of problems like dry eyes, allergies, headaches, nasal congestion, and hay fever.
3.) Smell- Insects and small animals that get into the ductwork and die, cigarette smoke, pet smells, mold and mildew can give off a terrible odor.
4.) Dust- You clean and in a few minutes, it's dusty again. The dust comes from the air as a result of dirty air ducts.
5.) Efficiency of your HVAC system- Dust and debris can impede the flow of air in your system and reduces efficiency. This can result in a shortened life of the components as well as your utility bills going up.

The Best clean, Guarinteed!

It is much more then just hooking a negative air machine to an air duct system. Air Care's™ patented system of air quality had been relied upon and trusted for over 20 years.

We start by taking off each and every return and intake and sealing the entries for maximum air pressure. Next, we thouroughly clean the ducts with an adgitation rotating brush and, if necessary, compressed air. Next, we inspect and clean the air handeler unit thouroughly with compressed air. Finally, we fog the system with anti -microbial solutions. This method ensures the maximum protection and will ensure that your ducts will stay clean longer.